Power is my Mistress

Power is mistress

Inspired and developed under the light of “Napoleon’s coronation” by Jaques Louis David. This painting gives us a view of the toxic but idyllic, the tumultuous and yet sweet relationship between the leading characters. The emperor, Napoleon, great conqueror and ambicious soldier; and his Yeyette, his empress, great lover and astute companion.

Truthful towards her convictions, devoted to the role she was convinced she should and could  occupy in her husband’s life. Josephine recieves the crown knowing that she will be empress till eternity while being aware of the knot that exists between them, the knot in their love story. The one Napoleón mentioned repeatedly in his candid Love letters: “Power is my Mistress”.

A knot that spread it’s effect in her life, Napoleon’s life and pirmarily in France’s history. An eternal Love, an eternal mistress.

The technique usted is oil over canvas, following the neoclassical painting characteristics.

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