The Journey of Reading

Once more, we are seduced by the possibility of corssing our reality with that of the painting portrayed.

Reading is a Journey

What great differences we see between our characters during this special moments of reading. Our young girl, leisurely disposing of all the information immaginable, at the tip of her fingers, with just some slides over the screen. Concious that any type of reading is at her disposal at any time in any place. Probably analyzing Edward Hopper’s painting before her. Meanwhile, our demure travelling lady, the tranquillity and concentration that she suggests, complete absortion, total solitude and connection with her reading of choice.

Last but not least, a reading that takes away our role as readers. A reading that involves a mobile device, one that opens ourselves to endless information through the sacanning of what our eyes consider a drawing. (The QR code in this painting is functional)

The painting is oil over canvas, using all the hiper-realism techniques to depict the character of the XXI cetury – accentuating even more the contrast between these two times, so simmilar yet so different.

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